Welcome to WALL

WALL is a community building tool which solves your user onboarding and retention problem by converting your community goals into verifiable tasks. These tasks are clubbed and presented as quest(s) to gamify and reward user's actions.
Community and product onboarding in web3 is broken and is happening through intermittent and sporadic discord communications! A community member looses their interest when CTAs are not clear or trackable. Also, valuable community contributions are not limited to discord participation but to being real product users. Questing is a powerful tool to align user's actions and contribution towards the project's growth.
Wall understands and solves this very same problem using Quests.
Our platform helps you to put together all valuable community tasks and contributions in one single place which is your community Wall, where you can set up a smooth and connected user onboarding experience.
You can further gamify the whole onboarding experience by assigning different Xp weightage to desired or repeated tasks; such that users do those tasks to rise up in your leaderboard. You can also give them proof and badge nfts to recognize their benchmark progress points on your platform.
Start now! Drive Community Action with Wall!