👬Set up your Community Wall

Pls fill in this Airtable form so that we have all the information to

(a) Create your Community Wall

When you fill in the above form pls share - Project Name, Project Description (brief in few lines), Chain, Social links - Twitter, Discord, Telegram, Website

Banner: You can share a 16:9 ratio image if you would want to get featured on the homepage

In case of Telegram task, you will need to add our bot in your Telegram group or channel. Find step by step guide here.

(b) Create your quest(s) details

Share your task details with redirect links in the same Airtable form.

Use this format to draft and share multiple quests details at one go. All through the process of quest onboarding, a Wall team member will be in touch with you to answer your questions and help out if there is any integration needed.

WALL Quest Builder and Analytics Dashboard tool is in development and would be ready to use by July 2023.

Chains we support: EVM, Cosmos, Solana & other chains supported in Wallet Connect

If you are new L1/L2 --- please contact our team here.

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