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Social Quest

Social following and engagement is one of the key metric to gauge community interest in the product and therefore content and community team often runs giveaways to boost their socials. These twitter giveaways lack verification and more critical aspects of running a campaign which can be better substituted by a social quest.
The most important aspect of a social quest is bringing visibility to the project through social following on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, You Tube, Reddit, Instagram etc. It can also be used to get downloads, signups or for joining waitlist for a product.

Ways to verify a task

Link Visit Verification
Screenshot Submission
File for submission
Verify whether a user has visited a link. It can be used for
  • Visit website
  • Visit any URL
User can submit a screenshot to verify a certain action for example
  • Reaching a certain level on the game
  • Taking picture of your avatar
  • Creating a profile
  • Any other task which has visual uniqueness to be verified through a screenshot
Verification through a screenshot can be a faster replacement to do tasks which might need on-chain or backend integration to verify.
You can also ask your quester to make their submissions in following formats
  • Upload files - All file formats (5MB)
  • URL
For e.g., you can add tasks which require them to make a meme or write an article and can be uploaded as a file for submission
Another example could be where you ask your users to create a video content or write a tweet thread about your project and they can submit their entries as URL submission
Incase the social platform doesn't provide api calls to verify certain actions or if the api calls are not financially feasible (for eg in Twitter) then we can create a prompt message for the user to complete that particular task.
For e.g., Like, RT, QT etc.

API call verifications

  • Follow profile (with API)
  • Through Prompt -> RT, QT, Like, Tweet - Keyword, @Mention, #hastag
  • Join a Server
  • Get a discord role in a server (needs input for instruction from the project)
Join Telegram Channel (Needs admin to add wall bot as admin to verify)
  • Subscribe to You Tube channel
  • Visit video link
Through link visit verification - Follow Facebook, Follow subreddits, Follow Instagram, visit website etc.
Social quest task example 1
Social quest task example 2