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Hybrid Quest

Practically, any tasks from different quest types can be combined and created as a quest.
The impact of the quest can also be enhanced by setting up repeatable tasks.

Repeatable task

Tasks which a user can keep on doing after fixed intervals and get xp points for each time. For e.g., daily signup, weekly community call attendance, daily tournament participation etc. It gives extra leverage for users to earn more xp points and rise up to win leaderboard rewards.
This task feature could help you with improving daily active user, habit formation and gamifying community participation.

Quantify contributions from all touchpoints

You can issue XP points to your user's wallet address for their contributions outside the quest for something like being an active platform user, for being a community guide, being community cheerleader in Twitter etc. We can also do a backend integration to facilitate any logic of xp distribution to certain user wallets.
If you run an in app leaderboard inside your dapp/game, the points on that leaderboard can also be converted into Community Wall Leaderboard XP points.
This way your Leaderboard can become a wholesome reflection of top contributors.