💡Integration use cases

Enhance your quest's impact by integrating with Wall's backend to serve different use cases. Some of those have been mentioned below ⬇

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Embed quest on your platform

Get an on-demand sdk to embed your quest(s) on your website/application.

Use that as one stop questing solution to attract users to land on your platform and gamify their experience.

Dapp Integration to convert dapp activity -> verifiable task

Any activity happening on your platform can be converted into a task if you can share an API which can call for the data endpoint which needs to be verified for someone who has completed that task.

We can do the backend integration to make that call and verify if the quester has done that particular task on your dapp.

Testnet activity -> quest

Quests are the best way to onboard your testnet users and incentivize them to participate on your platform.

We can breakdown onboarding into step by step tasks and do necessary backend integrations to create a seamless user onboarding experience.

A step by step conversion into quest can give you insights on your testnet performance e.g. where users are performing more activity and where they are dropping out! A quest is also an effective way to draw referrals from users by using leaderboard rewards

Backend integration for converting any contribution -> leaderboard XP

Current leaderboard on your Community Wall shows your top contributors through the quest and referrals captured using XP points.

You can map your user's other contributions (outside quest) to leaderboard XP points using backend integration so that you can use it to evaluate the wholesome contribution from any user. These contributions could be something like platform activities, discord activities, Poaps etc.

If you run an in app leaderboard inside your dapp, the points on that leaderboard can also be converted into Community Wall Leaderboard XP points using backend integration.

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