How to use Wall to grow my community

-> Convert your user journey into tasks that you can verify

Map your user journey from discovery to product onboarding and convert those journey into tasks which can be verified. Define your community goal by dividing these tasks into quests.
Get creative in designing these quests. You can take inspiration from other projects but only you know your community best and what will work for them.
💡 Ensure to share sufficient information in the task description to reduce user drop out caused by insufficient information.
What is the difference between a TASK and a QUEST?
a task is one verifiable activity done by a user. A quest is a combination of tasks arranged to fulfill a community objective. For example, we can create a quest for getting social traction and add tasks like follow Twitter, Join Discord, Join Telegram etc. in that quest.

-> Make use of tutorials/infographics to assist the task

Something like using your testnet platform could be a lot of discovery and high learning curve for a first time user. Embed text, url, image or video in the task description to help the user to complete the task.
Eg. insert content to guide user

-> Gamify using different reward structure and type

Use combination of different reward structures to create an engaging onboarding experience where you are able to achieve your goals using the rewards
Choose lucky draw winners to encourage participation among any set of users. Choose leaderboard rewards to encourage the user to earn more Xp by doing repeatable tasks or by referrals. You can also distribute badge nfts to highly contributing members. Proof Nft is yet another way to reward every quester that completes the quest with an on chain proof nft. Find more details in <How to Gamify>
While choosing the reward type (usdt, token, nft etc.) make sure to keep a balance in choosing a reward type that excites the user to complete the tasks as well as works for your community in order to run quests repeatably.
In case of offering a non tradable asset or access (like WL) like reward, it will be a good idea to throw in some tradable coins like usdt too to keep the pull factor for any user.

-> Add tasks to improve DAU

Add repeatable tasks which can be done daily, weekly etc. so that a user can earn xp every time they repeat the task and you can use this feature to create habits on your platform and increase your daily active users.

-> Invite your winners to become your community cheerleaders

Upon quest completion, you will receive the list of winner's wallet address along with their Twitter id and Discord is. Use this opportunity to make those winners into your community cheerleaders by asking them to participate further in your community or in your product.
Similarly with leaderboard winners too! Recognize them in your community for their extra effort to win the leaderboard prizes. You can take product feedback from them, tag them in a Twitter post, invite them as speakers in your community calls etc.

-> Many start, only few persevere

The simple secret to make your community Wall into a big community success is perseverance.
Keep adding new quests and rewards periodically to keep your community member's in a lookout.
Get creative while designing newer quests! Connect with our team to explore more ideas and how to execute them