How to Gamify

Following are different ways to gamify your rewards and recognition

Proof NFTs

  • Complete a set of tasks & earn an NFT
    • This NFT can be used as an eligibility/get rewards criteria in future


  • Issue Badge NFTs based on Contributions - on Discord, Dapp, on-chain or XP


  • Issue XP based on Tasks
  • Customize XP to tasks (Coming up)
  • Issue XP based on Discord, Telegram, Dapp & on-chain activity (Coming up)


  • Leaderboard on the basis of XP
  • All-time leaderboard & Time bound Leaderboard (Race)
  • Winners can be on the basis of (a) Top on leaderboard and (b) Lucky Draw among users having min XP


Set up higher quest eligibility by using
  • Min XP
  • Have done a specific quest
  • On-chain criteria - find more here
  • Hold proof NFTs or Badges


USDT, any ERC20 token, NFTs, WL spots, In game assets, Testnet tokens etc.